Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Louisiana's Scenic Rivers Scam To Steal Private Property on the ComiteRiver Exposed

The extent one Louisiana state agency (LA DEPT WILDLIFE & FISHERIES) has gone to steal private property should be appalling to all, but so far the majority remains loyal.  What will it take to “wake” the masses up who are victims of the state’s scam?
If you are one of those landowners who sold there souls to the devil/LDWF last year to rid ATV riders from the Comite River in Zachary, Louisiana, then its obvious you’ll believe just about anything.  Here’s one idea for the landowners along the Comite River that don’t feel it’s worth saving your land that your paying taxes for year after year, give it to me.  If that idea turns your stomache, then pay close attention to what the state is doing to you and your private property.

Question to landowners, correct me if I am wrong, the reason behind the push to restore peacefulness along the river was to protect your rights to your property, right?  Bad news, you gave away those rights to LDWF or should I say you let them take those rights by banning ATV’s and gaining unlimited jurisdiction.  One more frightening part of LDWF’s scam was the lack of due process which LDWF admits in this letter provided.  Legislative Audit can be seen at this link:  http://app.lla.state.la.us/PublicReports.nsf/86256EA9004C005986256F7F007929D5/$FILE/41d1bbaf.PDF

Rush has never been provided any due process by LDWF, because he was never given a chance to prove his innocence.  He was arrested for stealing his own trees and refusing to consent to LDWF’s claim of ownership over his property.  He has been labeled “the bad guy” who is responsible for manipulating this entire battle over the Comite River.  Now anyone with common sense knows one person can’t pull that many strings. 
Come on folks, LDWF began their push to force the Rush family off his property back in 2009.  He refused to consent to LDWF demands, so he became the so called violator/public enemy #1. 
ATV’s have been a issue long before “The Mudd Pits” opened in 2011.  Its not their fault that LDWF screwed up by designating and trying to illegally enforce the scenic rivers act along the Comite River.  The local radical environmentalists/free loaders loyal to the Sierra Club and LDWF have been successful in putting the blame on Rush and ATV’s for supposedly harming the river.  Still to this day, LDWF has provided no evidence to these false charges.  

The plan is for free loaders to use your land along the river and LDWF plans to give them what they want.  FYI, they want it for free without your permission.

Now its time to show landowners what Rush  discovered which exposes the state’s scam to steal your land.  First, LDWF has lied the entire time by saying they haven’t claimed ownership to the property on the Comite River.  This letter shown should be enough for you to see what LDWF has truly done behind landowner’s backs. 

LDWF is using this same type of claim against the Rush lawsuit which can be seen on court pleadings filed on behalf of Secretary Robert Barham/Boss.  The document shown here is in part taken from the lawsuit which shows the State says you don’t own the land along the river, they do.

Furthermore, if you’re asking yourself what happened and how can I own land that the state claims, it should be apparent there is a problem.  Blame this absurd outcome on the so called clarification from LDWF which blames this absurd conflict on a “grey area of the law.” 

Legislators required LDWF to implement management plans for all scenic waterways by 1990.  As of today there is only one implemented plan for Bayou Manchac.  The purpose of management plan is to provide public and private notification of the scenic designation.  This gives landowners the opportunity to object to the state's claim of ownership over that waterway.  See page 9, MANAGEMENT OF RIPARIAN LAND USE Bayou Manchac management plan at this link: http://www.privatelandownernetwork.org/pdfs/bayoumanchacmgtplan5-23-13revised.pdf

LDWF and legislators knew back in 1970, if landowners were notified of the State’s claim to ownership, appropriation of money would be necessary.  Who in their right mind would hand over property for free.  In order for the scenic system to legally work, LDWF should pay money for scenic servitudes and public easements.  This is why there are no implemented management plans for any of the non-navigable waterways designated as part of the scenic system.  Truth is they have to own it in order to regulate it!
Just in case landowners still refuse to open their eyes, I present the following quote from “Comite River Dispute at Standstill” by The Advocate reporter Ben Wallace.  Article can be seen here: http://theadvocate.com/home/9428623-125/comite-river-dispute-at-standstill

If a judge were eventually to side with Rush, it’s possible that the recent ATV ban could be deemed unenforceable. But if that were to happen, local law enforcement still could arrest people for trespassing on the river, something that for years has been done in East Feliciana Parish.
“The Sheriff’s Office writes the tickets, and we enforce it,” said Sam D’Aquilla, district attorney for the Feliciana parishes, adding that they consider the river non-navigable and, therefore, private property that can’t be trespassed upon.
Rush, USACE, US Sec of War, and East Feliciana Parish district attorney have the facts to prove the Comite River as non-navigable and privately owned.  If the landowners refuse to believe the aforementioned then I provide the most powerful evidence that exists, their own property deed filed at the parish courthouse.  Every private landowner has a legal description of their land on the river which provides private ownership to the centerline of the river with NO MENTION of state ownership.  Thats no coincedence!
Now who owns the Comite River?  Rush knows the answer and now so should you.  Landowners need to join together and restore their ownership of the Comite River by removing the scenic designation which has given public rights to use private property. Get rid of LDWF/free loaders and the problem will cease to exist on the Comite River and all other privately owned waterways designated scenic.
To put in simple terms is easy enough by demanding local and state representatives to run LDWF off your land by protecting your private property rights.  That’s really what they should have been doing all along by protecting Rush and his land.  By protecting his rights to private property has the same result as protecting your rights to private property.  
I’m willing to bet Rush wishes his property was located in East Feliciana Parish. 



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